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Captchinoo Captcha & 2FA (PRO)


The best security WordPress plugin to protect your login form from robot’s and spammers.


  1. Two simple and beautiful types of captcha
  2. Sliding captcha like iPhone slide to unlock
  3. Icons captcha (Select the different icon to login)
  4. Google ReCaptcha Version 2 supported
  5. Google ReCaptcha V3 supported too
  6. Google ReCaptcha
  7. Mobile authentication using 2FA google authenticator APP
  8. Translation supported
  9. Simple & Easy to use
  10. No conflict with other plugins, especially caching plugins

Why is this product important:

  1. Protects your site from frequent hacker attacks
  2. Bots are not allowed to enter
  3. Reduces illegal registrations
  4. Unobtrusive to users
  5. Easy to use site manager
  6. Strong protection using your mobile phone
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