Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics pro

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Visitor Traffic Pro version is a smart and easy to use a plugin for WordPress to display your site traffic statistics in details with awesome charts.


  • Full GDPR Compatible
  • Online users, visits, visitors, and page statistics
  • Today visitors & visits chart
  • Today search engines
  • Recent Visitors (GeoIP location by Country, city, and region)    
  • Comprehensive overview page (Dashboard), including browser versions, country stats, hits, exclusions, referrers, searches, search words, and visitors
  • Visits, see how many hits your site gets each day and each week & month
  • Visits time graph to view the daily visitors per hour
  • Visitors, see who’s visiting your site
  • Recent visitor by IP & region
  • Visits, see how many hits your site gets each day
  • Visitors, see who’s visiting your site
  • Page tracking, see which pages are viewed most often
  • Search Engines, see search queries and redirects from popular search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu
  • GeoIP location by Country
  • Support for not storing IP addresses in the database. (GDPR Compatible)
  • Interactive map of visitors location
  • Widget to display website statistics
  • Record statistics on exclusions
  • Automatic updates to the GeoIP database
  • Automatically prune the databases of old data
  • Overview page for all kinds of data, including; browser versions, country stats, hits, exclusions, referrers, searches, search words and visitors
  • Export data to excel sheet    (NEW)
  • Pagination for all stats    (NEW)
  • Search (Date range search)    (NEW)

#1 Stats Plugin for WordPress


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Single License 29$, Extended License 49$, Professional License 69$

14 reviews for "Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics pro"

  1. :

    Works better than I thought it would. Thank you guys 🙂

  2. :

    Thanks for making this plugin 🙂
    it is just wonderful & no difficulty to set up.. It has Great reporting for understanding your traffic sources and directions.

  3. :

    Very good plugin 🙂

  4. (verified owner):

    I have been using this plug-in for more than a year. It’s easy to install and set-up. The data is easy to understand and the dashboard is attractive. I really enjoy seeing the countries my visitors are from. I’m slowly beginning to change the way I write posts to accommodate more non-USA readers. Keep doing a wonderful job with this very useful plug-in.

    Developers customer service is very responsive. I had one minor problem, and the team responded quickly with clear instructions on how to correct the problem.

  5. :

    This plugin gives me exactly the info I want, and the developer responded quickly to a problem I was having and sent me an updated version that fixed the problem 🙂
    Thanks for making this plugin..

  6. :

    What an awesome product.
    Seamless deployment and realtime statistics. No need for additional shortcodes per page, trackbacks, etc.
    It just works.
    And the dash-boarding information is super granular.
    As a blogger, the type of information i receive is critical to the type of posts i blog about and this product provides me with everything i need.

    Well Done.


    • :

      thank you alisstairp

  7. :

    I tested several plugins and this is the best!

  8. (verified owner):

    Great app and great support
    Yasser Ismail
    Founder of NFC FZ LLE

  9. :

    I purchased the pro version and think it is the best stats for wordpress.
    Hope that encourages the developer to keep working on it since it’s a great plugin!

    This plugin gives you all the information you need on a single page making it very easy to understand your traffic.

    I compared the free vs pro version in detail for those that are interested in the differences-
    The free version gives you just the basics:
    hits/visits, search engine, browsers, referring sites & search words

    Upgrade to the pro version and you get much more:
    extra statistics overview, country locations,specific “visitor data”. hourly time data, and ranking of your top visited pages.

    Personally I think the pro version is worth every penny in the extra details & it’s important to support developers if you want a plugin to keep being developed.

  10. :

    nice one, i really like it

    its very easy to interpret or read. keep it up

  11. :

    Thank you , Very nice interface and awesome plugin

  12. :

    Works perfectly, I have used this plugin for a while now and it’s really awesome and easy to use!

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