Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics pro

Visitor Traffic Pro version is a smart and easy to use a plugin for WordPress to display your site traffic statistics in details with awesome charts.


  • Full GDPR Compatible
  • Online users, visits, visitors, and page statistics
  • Today visitors & visits chart
  • Today search engines
  • Recent Visitors (GeoIP location by Country, city, and region)    
  • Comprehensive overview page (Dashboard), including browser versions, country stats, hits, exclusions, referrers, searches, search words, and visitors
  • Visits, see how many hits your site gets each day and each week & month
  • Visits time graph to view the daily visitors per hour
  • Visitors, see who’s visiting your site
  • Recent visitor by IP & region
  • Visits, see how many hits your site gets each day
  • Visitors, see who’s visiting your site
  • Page tracking, see which pages are viewed most often
  • Search Engines, see search queries and redirects from popular search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu
  • GeoIP location by Country
  • Support for not storing IP addresses in the database. (GDPR Compatible)
  • Interactive map of visitors location
  • Widget to display website statistics
  • Record statistics on exclusions
  • Automatic updates to the GeoIP database
  • Automatically prune the databases of old data
  • Overview page for all kinds of data, including; browser versions, country stats, hits, exclusions, referrers, searches, search words and visitors
  • Export data to excel sheet    (NEW)
  • Pagination for all stats    (NEW)
  • Search (Date range search)    (NEW)

#1 Stats Plugin for WordPress


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Visitor Traffic Real-Time Statistics pro is a smart and easy-to-use plugin for WordPress to display your site traffic statistics in detail with excellent charts. It helps you to track your visitor numbers, page views, used browsers, operating systems, locations where your site is opened, and much more. It works as standalone software that doesn’t need any external service.


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Single License 29$, Extended License 49$, Professional License 69$

14 reviews for "Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics pro"

  1. :

    Works better than I thought it would. Thank you guys 🙂

  2. :

    Thanks for making this plugin 🙂
    it is just wonderful & no difficulty to set up.. It has Great reporting for understanding your traffic sources and directions.

  3. :

    Very good plugin 🙂

  4. (verified owner):

    I have been using this plug-in for more than a year. It’s easy to install and set-up. The data is easy to understand and the dashboard is attractive. I really enjoy seeing the countries my visitors are from. I’m slowly beginning to change the way I write posts to accommodate more non-USA readers. Keep doing a wonderful job with this very useful plug-in.

    Developers customer service is very responsive. I had one minor problem, and the team responded quickly with clear instructions on how to correct the problem.

  5. :

    This plugin gives me exactly the info I want, and the developer responded quickly to a problem I was having and sent me an updated version that fixed the problem 🙂
    Thanks for making this plugin..

  6. :

    What an awesome product.
    Seamless deployment and realtime statistics. No need for additional shortcodes per page, trackbacks, etc.
    It just works.
    And the dash-boarding information is super granular.
    As a blogger, the type of information i receive is critical to the type of posts i blog about and this product provides me with everything i need.

    Well Done.


    • :

      thank you alisstairp

  7. :

    I tested several plugins and this is the best!

  8. (verified owner):

    Great app and great support
    Yasser Ismail
    Founder of NFC FZ LLE

  9. :

    I purchased the pro version and think it is the best stats for wordpress.
    Hope that encourages the developer to keep working on it since it’s a great plugin!

    This plugin gives you all the information you need on a single page making it very easy to understand your traffic.

    I compared the free vs pro version in detail for those that are interested in the differences-
    The free version gives you just the basics:
    hits/visits, search engine, browsers, referring sites & search words

    Upgrade to the pro version and you get much more:
    extra statistics overview, country locations,specific “visitor data”. hourly time data, and ranking of your top visited pages.

    Personally I think the pro version is worth every penny in the extra details & it’s important to support developers if you want a plugin to keep being developed.

  10. :

    nice one, i really like it

    its very easy to interpret or read. keep it up

  11. :

    Thank you , Very nice interface and awesome plugin

  12. :

    Works perfectly, I have used this plugin for a while now and it’s really awesome and easy to use!

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