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What things that copy protection plugin can’t do?

Hello all and here we again with this post

Here we try to explain something important about our copy protection plugin (Free and premium version) functionality

Inspect, print screen, View source, Browser main menu, iPhone & android PrintScreen buttons Can’t be prevented. it’s out of control functions sometimes and controllable in other times

In other words: Your page scripts can’t control all browser functions because some functions designed to be out of control

But, when some function is out of control in chrome, it may be controllable in firefox or IE, and this normal because the chrome developing team decide to lock these functions and make it out of control, so we talk here about browser developing teams and a lot of differences between priorities of every team.

To know in more detail why we can’t control the print screen key (for example) we must understand how it works and also what is the real position of our plugin scripts?

The (PrtSC) key is connected to a built-in windows function which is run in a priority greater than any web browser.

Our real position is inside the browser core which is inside the windows task manager which is inside the windows core!!

This causes a lot of tickets for us about why this works on firefox and not work on chrome, etc..

When anyone clicks on the (PrtSC) key while our page with a copy protection plugin is opened inside his browser, The OS (windows for example) send a notification to the whole environment to tell the browser and other apps that this key is just clicked (just to tell them not to take any permissions from any of them).

Our plugin just has the ability to (listen) to that keypress and show a message to tell the user to not click this key on your website, but nothing more than this, and the screen will still be copied after that keypress.

We try for years to find any solution for this issue but with no success, it’s a logical issue, and nothing we can do more towards it.

So, as a conclusion for this long detailed topic:

We are sure that you will not find any plugin to do this at all!!

Don’t expect that our plugin can control the user system (OS) from inside a bottle called (web browser) located inside that (OS) and works under that (OS) permissions.

What do we do to work around this?

We add a watermarking option to work around this issue, all thieves don’t want to steal images with watermarking over it because they can’t remove it or they don’t want to spend time removing it.

Future solutions?

We may add a new out of the box fix in the near future to solve this issue, but for sure it will not work for all devices, special on smartphones.

Hope this will help for more understanding of what our plugin can’t do and why this happens sometimes

​Thank you

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